Powerful Integration for a Distribution Business Using Boomi

Digitizing Distribution: Westcoast’s Powerful Boomi EDI Integration connects them to 20+ trading partners supporting 50+ B2B transactions

Boomi’s Trading Partner component expedites Direct EDI by offering built-in support for a range of EDI formats, including ASC X12, HL7, ROSETTANET, UN/EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and ODETTE across various communication methods, such as AS2, DISK, FTP, HTTP, and MLLP.

Westcoast's Business Goals

Boomi EDI Integration has revolutionized Westcoast’s business operations, paving the way for seamless B2B transactions and fostering stronger partnerships with their trading partners. They distribute some of the best-known global IT brands to resellers, retailers, and other organizations in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland Europe. They have grown to become the number one UK distributor for many of their vendors and customers. As they move progressively beyond traditional IT distribution to fulfillment, cloud enablement, configuration, enhanced logistics, merchandising, and marketing of a wide range of products, they want to demonstrate that all such services are delivered with the flexibility and energy for which Westcoast is renowned.

As our client’s business grew, they recognized the significance of investing in an integration platform to expedite the creation of B2B/EDI transactions. Their objective was to design and deploy an integration-focused EDI solution in collaboration with a trusted partner. This would enable them to effortlessly onboard new customers with minimal manual intervention while ensuring flawless support for various document types and formats.

Technology Challenge

Following are the key challenges faced by Westcoast,

How NeosAlpha Helped

NeosAlpha Boomi EDI consultants were quick to understand the needs of Westcoast and recommend Boomi EDI as the the ideal choice for its flexibility, scalability, and extensive support for various EDI formats and communication methods. Based on previous successful engagements for various clients building B2B Integration with Boomi, we are confident that following key goals of any thriving business would be met by Boomi iPaaS.

Our technical analysts worked closely with Westcoast’s business stakeholders and documented the underlying business processes, partners, and communication methods involved. Westcoast transacts with partners of varying sizes and from different industries. A table of details was produced, mapping the trading partner, document type, data format, frequency, required transformations, etc., which would then be provided to the integration architecture team for creating an optimal EDI architecture.

More than 50 EDI processes were designed and developed in short duration of time. Error handling was designed such that support team receives a notification with relevant details to troubleshoot the problem quickly. Depending on the use case, Boomi’s connectors were employed. For example, in certain cases, it was more appropriate to use a FTP connector to process the inbound files rather than using a standard trading partner connector because the partner did not have native EDI capabilities.

Below table provides a sample of variety of translations performed,

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And more.


Following are some of the many achievements of Westcoast by leveraging the power of NeosAlpha’s EDI automation,




<p><a href="https://neosalpha.com/services/boomi-partner/">Boomi Integrations</a>, <a href="https://neosalpha.com/services/b2b-edi/">Boomi EDI</a></p>


Key Integrations

Case Study

Karl Harris
Chief Information Officer
NeosAlpha is a partner we can rely on. They are very flexible, understanding, and always ready to take on new challenges. As a distribution business, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the backbone of our supply chain, and NeosAlpha has been instrumental in building and maintaining our EDI processes on Boomi. Their consultants have a strong understanding of supply chain processes and entities, in addition to their expert Boomi skills. This has allowed us to streamline our operations and improve efficiency significantly. We are also working with NeosAlpha to utilise other software development skills they offer, and we are confident that their expertise will continue to help us achieve our business goals. Overall, we highly recommend NeosAlpha as an IT partner and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.

Case Studies

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