Donor Data Management for a Charity Organization

Streamlining Income Streams Of A Charity With Trusted Donor Data

Addressing the data quality issues & the management of donors’ PII data

Business Overview

Golden Copy, Donor Data, Master Data: The client is one of the UK’s most reputed, non-profitable organizations. The charity has been leading many reforms around its central theme.

As a charity working for public causes, their fundraising falls into the 2 main categories: donations or trading. 

Funding sources include one-off contributions people make, regular direct debits, sponsorship for events like marathons, and legacies ± the money left by people in their wills. They also sell goods and services through their website.

Fund and donor data management are challenging, given that multiple channels exist for incoming funds. 

They manually sort and consolidate these data from disparate sources and upload them into Microsoft Dynamics 365. But this process generates poor quality data.

The organisation’s primary goal was to reduce the amount of human effort required in fund management. They were looking for a solution that could completely automate funds management from different channels and produce a single source of truth for donor data.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our data management consultants assessed the organisation’s current data management processes and systems leveraging Boomi Master Data Management MDM.

We organised a detailed discovery workshop and worked with their IT team to understand their existing data flows. 

We documented the data flow processes, current system architecture, pain points leading to data quality issues, and manual work to address the issues.

The implementation phase was divided into the following 3 stages,

Boomi Master Data Management MDM
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The format of donor data that came from different sources was in JSON, REST API, XML, emails, flat files etc. We used a stage DB as an intermittent data store during the extraction to achieve a separation of concern. 

It also served the purpose of supporting the reconciliation, auditing, and traceability of data. Scheduled Boomi integration processes carried out data extraction. 

Data quality validation and enrichment were carried out in this stage. For example, if an incoming file is malformed or incomplete, it will not be loaded into the data base.

From the stage data base, Boomi integrations moved the data into Boomi’s Master Data Hub. Matching rules and data quality rules were added to MDH. These rules are set at the model level. 

Records that encounter any failure during de duplication and data cleansing steps are moved to quarantine for manual processing. The remaining valid records get created as golden records in Boomi MDH.

Finally, during the load stage, we designed and developed a Boomi integration process that uses the standard MS Dynamics connector to push the trusted data into CRM.


With NeosAlpha’s new workflow solution, data management hub and seamless integrations between various enterprise systems, the charity realised the following benefits:




<p>Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH)</p>

Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH)


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