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Enabling seamless communication through Marketing Cloud

By the use of the Marketing Cloud, a digital education service provider unlocked the capability to dispatch email messages with a breeze.

Business Goals

Higher Ed Partners (HEP) is a UK entity that establishes and manages digital campuses for universities Our client’s primary objective is to aid universities in transitioning their on-campus degree programs to an online platform. This involves identifying and enrolling suitable students for these programs and providing them with ongoing support until they graduate. This strategy allows partner universities to expand their online presence and ensures the success of their online students.

The objective of the client is to automate the email communication function, which was carried out manually. NeosAlpha leveraged the Marketing cloud’s customer-centric capabilities to create personalized one-to-one customer journeys which would give our client and its partners the opportunity to efficiently communicate with their prospects and enrolled students through the means of personalized messages pertaining to the context a student is in within its customer lifecycle.

Technology Challenges

Our client faces challenges in managing student interactions. They used to manually send emails or use systems outside of Salesforce, which leads to difficulties in maintaining up-to-date and accurate data. This manual process introduces inconsistencies and increases the risk of missed follow-ups.

Additionally, the client uses different email templates pertaining to their partner universities, which require manual preparation outside of Salesforce. This task is time-consuming and requires daily data collection from Salesforce in advance.

However, the client is committed to overcoming these obstacles to improve team productivity and efficiency. They aim to provide easy access to communicate with students, view & analyze data. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) offers automation features that can address these challenges. Connecting the Sales cloud with the Marketing cloud as a means to communicate email campaigns with customers was seen as an optimal solution to these challenges.

How NeosAlpha helped

NeosAlpha implemented a solution that leverages Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect to synchronize data between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud Within Marketing Cloud we configured Email Studio as a means to enable a communication channel and used tools like content builder and journey builder to aid in the creation of emails and automation of email dispatches.

We began by establishing a connection between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, ensuring that Leads and contact records synchronized into data extensions within Marketing Cloud. This setup enabled a seamless flow of data between the two platforms.

We set up an email studio to orchestrate the delivery of personalized promotional and transactional emails created using content builder. Content builder and email studio are used in conjunction to create and enable the send of customizable emails that are specific to

This step was crucial in maintaining the personalized touch and consistency of communications that the client valued.

Utilizing Journey Builder we created workflows so that to Leads and contacts, triggered emails are sent. The workflows in Journey Builder used synchronized data extensions as entry sources and employed decision splits to segregate students on the basis of defined criteria. This ensured that the correct email template was picked for a student and the right email was sent on behalf of the right partner university. Our implemented workflows are self-sufficient such that in case no activity from the recipient the follow-up emails are automatically sent at regular intervals.

In case of unsuccessful delivery of messages, the business staff is alerted of the errors. After the successful delivery of emails to leads and accounts, these records are updated within Salesforce to highlight the successful completion of message delivery.

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Throughout the implementation, we conducted thorough testing and validation to ensure the journeys were functioning as expected and that data integrity was maintained. Test records were used to simulate real scenarios, and adjustments were made as needed to optimize the process. Once everything was validated, we activated the journeys and monitored their performance to ensure smooth operation.

Through the precise configuration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its integration with Sales Cloud done by NeosAlpha, the efficiency and accuracy of the client’s email communication process increased. With the help of this engagement, the need for manual email dispatches was eliminated, the effort required to manage reminder emails was reduced, and ultimately customer satisfaction through consistent and timely communication was enhanced.


Automated Email Dispatch: Daily emails are sent automatically without manual intervention.

Enhanced Efficiency: Significant reduction in effort for managing reminder emails, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Consistent and accurate communication improved customer satisfaction.

By leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect, the company can seamlessly synchronize data between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, streamline their email automation process, enhance efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for prospective and current students.




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