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Akana to Apigee API Migration Guide


Why large organisation should migration from Akana to Apigee

First, AKANA is not a recognized APIM vendor in Gartner’s MQ for API management.

For organizations currently using the AKANA API Gateway, migrating to Apigee X presents a compelling opportunity to modernize API infrastructure and unlock a range of benefits as given below.

Migrating to Apigee-X offers a significant competitive advantage through increased agility, improved efficiency, enhanced security, new revenue streams, and a better customer experience. Eventually resulting in long-term business growth and success in the digital economy.

Let’s delve into the detailed steps involved in the migration process

Akana to Apigee Migration Phases

Let me go through the various phases or steps involved in the process of migration from AKANA to Apigee. Many of these steps can be automated using our accelerator frameworks.
Architecture discovery and Analysis
Technical mapping: Akana to Apigee
NeosAlpha Migration Accelerator will come in very useful to automate large scale migrations in a consistent and error free manner.
Migration Phase

Prioritize APIs based on business criticality, complexity, and dependencies.
Decide on a phased migration approach (e.g. simpler APIs or critical API or high impact APIs).

Define the Base API Proxy Template:
Automate Policy Conversion:
Manually migrate custom code:
Automate Backend Integration:

Deployment and Monitoring

Deployment Strategy:
Monitoring and Logging:
CI/CD Integration:

Post-Migration Activities

Continuous Improvement:

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