Digital Integration

At NeosAlpha, we enable organizations to achieve Enterprise application integration excellence
Amalgamate disparate systems
Break data silos
Cultivate automation

What is Digital Integration?

Businesses today are complex. They use an extensive collection of applications to meet their growing requirements. And these applications generate and store enormous amounts of data. Digital integration enables these multiple business systems (hosted on-prem and/or cloud) to work as a collaborative unit so businesses can make informed decisions more efficiently.

In short, integration allows information to be shared between the connected systems. As a result, digital integrations hold the magic key to unlocking the breakthrough value of your business transformations.

NeosAlpha Technologies can help scale your business by architecting and implementing bespoke integration solutions that meet your business needs.

“As per Forrester’s Digital Process Automation Survey, 77% organizations cited digital business transformation or customer experience as their top drivers for process optimization efforts.”
*Hybrid Integration Platform

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Capabilities of Digital Integration

  • iPaaS

    • Connects SaaS and on-premise applications
    • Pre-built, ready-to-use templates and frameworks for integrations
    • Low-code/no-code development approach
    • Out-of-the-box connectors for 1000+ SaaS applications
    • Lean API management capabilities

  • API Management

    • API Lifecycle Management (Design, Develop, Publish, Deploy and Version APIs)
    • API documentation
    • API traffic mediation and security
    • Provide insights and drive analytics around API usage and performance
    • API monetisation

  • Microservices

    • Scalable, loosely coupled, independently deployable smaller components
    • Containerized deployment model
    • Augments CI/CD and Agile delivery approach
    • Monitor better resiliency and high performance using service dashboards

  • Digital Process Automation

    • Streamline business processes as partially/fully automated workflows
    • Build smart apps
    • Create engaging digital experiences for customers
    • Robust and real-time analytic
    • Enable SaaS integration-led automation

  • Robotic Process Automation

    • Automate repetitive, human time-taking tasks using bots
    • Achieve accurate, 24/7 available, zero-error automation
    • Virtual workforce controlled by business operations
    • Boost productivity and efficiency at a reduced cost

  • DevOps & CI/CD

    • Automate application code & infrastructure build deployment
    • Improve the quality of deliverables using code analysis and automated test coverage
    • Embed security as a part of the delivery cycl
    • Reduce release management time and cost

Business Outcomes/Benefits

Modernise antiquated systems

Modernise antiquated systems

Integrations can drive the cost-effective approach to legacy modernisation by enabling API-led connectivity, building minimalistic, simple architectures like microservices and gradual migration to the cloud.

Unified data

Unified data

Data integration eliminates the need for error-prone, manual data synchronisation between various systems. Real-time data availability helps in informed & accurate decision-making in less time.

Automate Business Processes

Automate Business Processes

Integrated systems allow us to automate and streamline even a complex business process. Speed and efficiency are inevitable benefits of a fully-automated business process. Free up invaluable human effort for more productive, higher-level tasks.

Journey of Digital Integration

Discovery &
Strategy & Architecture
Integration Design & Implementation