Data & Analytics

Accelerate your journey to become a data-driven organization
Place data at the front & center of the work done
Utilize data effectively and generate insights
Drive change, innovate new products, acquire more customers

Data and Analytics

Today, business leaders worldwide recognise the importance of becoming a data-driven organisation because data has become the lifeline of the digital economy. However, modern businesses struggle to manage and wisely use the enormous volume of diverse and rich data generated by IT consumerisation.
Progressive businesses see data & analytics services as a way to unearth new innovative solutions to existing challenges and further opportunities for growth.
At NeosAlpha Technologies, our data experts can architect modern data engineering solutions, optimise existing data ecosystem to provide better business intelligence, develop, manage and support data pipelines, develop powerful analytical dashboards and establish a governance framework to enforce data quality and security.

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Our Data and Analytics Services

Data Architecture Consulting

Our data architecture specialists have optimal expertise in helping businesses to assess the current data structures, perform gap analysis and define a data architecture strategy following industry best practices that align with business goals. All critical data aspects like validation, modelling, storage, migration, transformation, consistency, security, governance and policies all covered.

Data Integration

We define and implement robust data pipelines which enable internal and external business collaboration. We have immense experience connecting data from disparate legacy applications and various best-of-breed applications scattered on-premise and cloud. We drive data unification and break data silos using methodologies like ETL, ELT, common storage data integration and application-based integration depending on the business needs.

Enterprise Data Platforms

We can help organisations to achieve data centralisation and better customer experience by covering all layers of a state-of-the-art Enterprise Data Platform (EDP), which includes the data tier, middleware/messaging tier and analytics & reporting tier. Our capabilities include architectural simplification, design and implementation of on-premise and cloud-native data structures, data lakes, data warehouses, data integrations, data catalogue and master data management (MDM).

Data Analytics & Visualization

As a data and analytics company, we understand that the actual value of a data-driven organisation lies in maximising the usage of trusted data to make actionable, informed decisions. Our data analysts can bridge the gap between your data and decision-making by creating new business models and data-driven intelligent workflows. We work collaboratively to strengthen your enterprise business intelligence (BI) by producing unique data experiences.

Managed Services & Support

We offer flexible application support and maintenance services that can be
tailored to meet varied client needs. We support every stage of an organisation’s journey to becoming data-powered. Our consultants guide and advise the best ways and practices to minimise risk as your business embraces data engineering methodologies. Our support framework and processes are built on several years of experience and follow industry-standard best practices to deliver superior service.