Data Integrations for HR Operations

Eliminate manual data entry and errors across applications with our HR systems integration services.

Almost every enterprise utilizes some (ATS) to help streamline the HR recruiting process. This is especially important given the new-age approach many companies adopt for “talent hunt”. Companies today need to employ the best-in-class technique for optimising the employee experience by integrating with their human resource management system (HRMS). The sooner and more efficiently an organization can evaluate candidates and store their data in relevant systems, the better it can analyse recruitment-based expenses.


Accurate, consistent emplyee data across your organisation – ensures HR team can make use of the most up-to-date employee data, avoid the need or manual data entry, and properly lay the foundation for the adoption of advanced technologies and processes.
Streamlines employees onboarding capability that can flex and adopt with changing business needs – Eases time-consuming new hires onboarding process. Automatically manages new hire paperwork, prompts and guides new employees to complete the tasks, necessary applications, and collect tax and payroll information.
Swif and effective employee management – Reduces workload and avoids additional resources needed to manage employee data, carrying out repeatitive tasks from timesheet consolidation, attendance tracking and payroll. Provides self-service portal capability accessible from anywhere.

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Integrating your ATS and HRIS into your eSignature application eliminates the need for manual data entry and by extension, the human errors that accompany it. This also makes it less complex for candidates and employees to conduct general tasks such as uploading documents, streamlining payrolls, and communicating with HR. Integration facilitates better data exchange & transparency throughout the hiring process.

Timesheets and Attendance

Integrating timesheets with your HRIS introduces you to a far more efficient way to keep track of time shifts and attendance for each employee and store the data in a centralised location. “Timesheets” can be integrated into the “payroll” or “accounting” software to gain insight into how much compensation is to be advanced. HR can Sync Time Offs between BambooHR and NetSuite to review the number of billable hours that are due.


Once a new employee has successfully onboarded and his/her information is entered into HRIS, the data is fed into every app within your HR ecosystem. A set of integrations sync all the records from your HRIS software to associated systems like payroll, training, benefits, etc automatically. As a result, your payroll systems will add all new employees’ information as soon as the same has been added to HRIS.

HR & Claims Process

Automating HR and claims processes to help process them in a streamlined fashion is an incredibly crucial part of HR’s responsibilities.

HR systems Integration processes will simultaneously sync with different in-house systems (such as Finance, Payroll management, accounting, attendance, training management, etc), giving real-time access closure. The department thus needn’t focus on issues that don’t require physical interaction and value adding.

Case Studies for HR Systems Integration

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