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Leverage our API management expertise & experience working for Fortune 500 companies globally.

Why Kong?

Lightweight & Fast

  • Just ~30MB binary
  • Handles 25K TPS per node

Unlimited Extensibility

  • 100s of Kong plugins & 3rd party plugins
  • Supports custom plugins

Zero-trust Security

  • Zero-Trust in 1-click
  • Automatic TLS certificate lifecycle

Universal Deployment

  • Deploy and run anywhere
  • On-premise, cloud, Kubernetes cluster and more

Protocols supported

  • Enables management of almost all types of APIs
  • Handles different protocols like REST, GRPC, Graphql

Declarative Configuration

  • Easy to define and manage desired state
  • Supports automation
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Our Expertise

API Acculturation

Fast productisation of APIs by defining tailor-made strategy, custom business models, adoption of tools, frameworks, ease-of-use dev portals and methodologies around the exchange of insightful data

API First & Cloud Adoption

Deploy, manage and maintain services irrespective of whether they are running in Amazon, Google, Azure, on-premise data centres or a combination of them.

Microservices and Service Mesh

Accelerate the journey to microservices from monoliths and unleash its full potential by enabling connectivity among microservices through a modern service mesh.

API security

Implementation of multi-layered API security through application identity, encryption, custom policies, strong authentication, authorisation and more


Build rich, scalable, developer-friendly APIs using a modern, declarative query language without compromising performance cost

Our Services

API Architecture consulting

  • Provide viable API strategy and architecture recommendations
  • Kong Gateway & Kong Mesh prototyping and demonstration of capabilities
  • API review, recommendations and best practices covering design, development, deployment, scalability, performance, security and governance.

Kong APIM Multicloud Deployment

  • Assessment of working in a multi-cloud, multi-region configuration with a centralized control plane that ensures all instances of the API are in sync.
  • Deployment of a Centralized control plane to manage API instances scattered across multiple providers.
  • Set up ingress routing such that API traffic is serviced based on the region customer is in.

Kong APIM Implementation & Automation

  • Installation of Kong Konnect and Kong Gateway following best practices.
  • Automation of API component building using boilerplate CI/CD templates

API Adoption Accelerator framework for development

  • Framework-style coding to enable reusability in the API ecosystem.
  • Rapid API generation using our template-driven, pre-packed templates and error-handling flows.

Migration Accelerator framework

  • Migrate to Kong from any APIM
  • Pre-defined, templated solutions to accelerate the migration of APIM
  • Zero-downtime migration to support business continuity.

Managed Services & Support

  • To ensure business continuity, we offer SLA based platform and application support service.
  • Our support packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit every business.
  • Our support framework and processes are built on several years of experience and follow industry-standard best practices to deliver a superior service.

Case Studies

Dive deep into our knowledge repository of our client’s success stories See how we help our customers develop APIs efficiently and achieve performance at any scale cost-effectively