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Cross-border B2B Payment API Gateway APIs

Our client is a leading cross-border payment company, authorized and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Business Goals

Our client is a leading cross-border payment company, authorized and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With their global network of 50+ countries, technology experts, and partners they have transformed the cross-border payment services. Unlike the traditional cross-border payments, they use direct access to the local banks where customer’s payments need to be sent, thus removing the complexities, hidden fees and lack of visibility experienced in today’s traditional cross-border payments Client was looking a way to modernize their backend legacy system so that it could support their front end without going too much transformation

Technological Challenges

The client maintains a robust payments platform that plugs directly into their customer’s existing infrastructure to provide seamless integration with multiple options for connectivity, technology and file formats. But the real time payment services in this platform are handled by a legacy WSDL/SOAP based interface. This legacy system inhibits some customers to adopt this interface, as they find it difficult to integrate it directly with their modern web or mobile applications

How Neosalpha Helped

In partnership with API Gateway, the client engaged us to modernize their legacy real time payment services platform. We helped them adopt an API based architecture by creating an API layer on their existing legacy platform. This API layer retains the integrity and robustness of the legacy system and enables secure and governed access to the underlying services. This layer not only transforms the services from legacy SOAP-based to modern REST-based but also transforms the strategy and provides long term flexibility by replacing old service/function based interfaces to object/resource-based interfaces. This API layer also integrates well with the client’s existing Identity/User management service

Key Highlights of the solution:


Adopting a “Modernisation” than “Rebuilding” strategy helped the client achieve a quicker time to market. This strategy benefits from both, the flexibility of API driven architecture as well as the integrity and robustness of the legacy system, enabling client to maintain the processing of legacy systems intact while also be able to remain significant in the modern fintech era




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