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Our Services

Data platform evaluation and expeditious Snowflake prototyping
Our data architects take a consultative approach by working with you to understand your distinctive data philosophy. Based on the outcome of our unique, customer-centric data platform maturity assessment, we will be able to provide you with a cost-effective data strategy and a road map to implement the same. We will identify the specific capabilities in Snowflake, that meets your business requirements and deliver a scoped prototype to demonstrate it.
Snowflake Data Architecture & Modelling
A common problem faced by many data platform design and development is value capture begins only at the end. With our rich experience in architecting solutions across multiple domains, we ensure that business starts benefiting from Snowflake implementation at a steady, gradual pace. Using different data modelling tools, we can quickly reverse-engineer data models from your current system. Our data architects work with your business & technology stakeholders to produce data architecture & designs that align with your business needs & system capabilities.
Snowflake Migration
The first step towards creating a state-of-the-art data and analytics platform is to migrate your data from legacy systems to the Snowflake cloud. Our data team understands that success comes by building a data platform iteratively, piece by piece. Snowflake has numerous technology solutions to facilitate the smoothest transition from legacy data warehouse systems. Our experienced data migration professionals will lead you through this journey by following Snowflake recommended best practices.

Snowflake Data Integration

A unified view of the company’s data in the Snowflake data warehouse is essential to generating valuable business insights. Our team can simplify the integration of different types of structured and unstructured data by utilising Snowflake’s bulk data loading feature or batched loading of data through Snowpipe. In addition, we can develop integrations between Snowflake and many different systems hosted on-prem and in the cloud using the wide range of connectors & drivers offered by Snowflake to securely connect to their data cloud.
Data Engineering

Our engineers, with a vast knowledge of data literacy, can build powerful and efficient Snowflake data pipelines. In addition to, Snowflake’s built-in query optimisation capability, we can develop custom code in Scala, Python or Java to handle concurrent workloads and meet the performance thresholds defined. We build data pipelines that are scalable to accommodate new data sources and are easily manageable.

Automation & Maintenance

We simply the process of implementing continuous data pipelines which involves capturing changes to tables and orchestrating recurring schedules of data transformation. Using features like Snowflake’s table streams and tasks, we build ELT pipelines that automate data transformation. We use Snowsight to monitor the performance of data pipelines and overall heath of data ecosystem.

Our team can offer varying levels of support to an operational data platform. It also includes providing recommendations to reduce cost by analysing your Snowflake usage.

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