CRM Integration

Enable personalisation of Customer Experiences.

CRM integration helps businesses streamline operational processes, improve customer interactions, boost sales and marketing strategies and objectives, and creates path to advanced analytics.

End-to-end CRM integration & automation delivers streamlined lead generation, better customer services and greater efficiency for all teams. Accelerate sales cycles with complete visibility, improved process efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.


Total control and visibility acorss sales pipeline – Integrating Marketing platform with your CRM, ERP, and other business applications can make the difference between a deal and a drop out. 360° view of your customer to personalize your pitch. Stay up to date with every touchpoint and have all your customer

Automate the Lead-to-cash process-Automating operations, ensuring consistency across systems, and improving visibility into accounts. Build transparency and insights into critical processes with unified data from your CRM and ERP applications.

Improve customer satisfaction-Ensure consistency of customer data across multiple systems to delight buyers with flawless order placement, receipt and billing. Empower your teams with real-time information to better serve demanding customers.

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Marketing integration

Sync leads and contacts between marketing platform and CRM, so ensure that CRM is single soruce of truth for contact information.

Campaign and Promos

Have a 360° view of your customer to personalize campaigns. Stay up to date with every touchpoint with customer data in one place.

Quote to Cash

Enabling quote-to-cash (Q2C), allowing SAP and Salesforce subscribers to synchronize Opportunity, Customer, Product, and related data quickly and without manual coding.

Products and Inventory

A fully integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) can drastically improve your organisation’s performance in terms of efficiency, throughput, ROI, and data accuracy.

Case Studies

We don’t believe in delivering generic IT solutions and calling it a day. Instead, we help clients make an instant and positive impact on their legacy modernisation initiatives. Being well-versed in numerous market domains, we have assisted SMEs, government entities, startups, and Fortune 500 enterprises in optimizing their user experience.
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