Optimised Finance Operations

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to Improve Your Cash Flow with our Finance Integrations services.

Automate finance & accounting through precision integrations of A/R, & A/P systems with ERP to improve financial data quality & accuracy. And enable real-time KPI visibility and financial reporting to power business decisions.


Accelerate Order-to-Cash – integrate and automate Order-to-Cash business process to optimising cash flows, improve revenues and customer experience. Promoting efficiency, visibility and control, through streamlined activities and automated workflows.
Automate A/P, A/R and Reconciliation Processes – Real time billing visibility, automated invoice processing and improved reconciliation. Connect with us today for any Finance Integrations services.
Actively control and improve Procure to Pay (P2P) processes – removing manual inefficiencies, bottlenecks, delvering Higher productivity, Efficiency and savings in E2E procurement processes.

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Expense Integration

Streamline the process of recording, tracking, and managing expenses in your organization. Integrate online expense reporting tools, mobile apps, and cloud-based accounting software to automate many aspects of the expenses management process, from capturing receipts and tracking expenses to submitting expense reports and reimbursing employees.

Professional Services Integration

Unleash the benefits of seamless data flow between Professional Service Automation (Operational), CRM (Sales), HCM (People) & ERP/Finance (Accounting).

Quote to Cash integration

Achieve a higher percentage of deal wins by integrating CRM & ERP to encompass the entirety of sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles

Procure to Pay

Automate key P2P processes that include Purchase Requisition, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Vendor & Contract management

Case Studies

We don’t believe in delivering generic IT solutions and calling it a day. Instead, we help clients make an instant and positive impact on their legacy modernisation initiatives. Being well-versed in numerous market domains, we have assisted SMEs, government entities, startups, and Fortune 500 enterprises in optimizing their user experience.

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