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Boomi CRM ERP Integration: A Premier Flexible Workspace Provider creates more room for productivity by connecting Salesforce & NetSuite

Ireland-based Iconic Offices harnessed the power of NeosAlpha’s quality Boomi integrations to achieve a range of advantages, including automated lead-to-member conversions, accurate and timely billing, optimum resource availability, and an adaptive customer experience.

Business Goals

Connect Salesforce and NetSuite with Boomi: A case study on how it streamlined the operations and customer experiences for a flexible workspace provider. Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, driven by a passion to create innovative workspace for progressive companies. An Irish founded and owned business, they combine local knowledge and years of industry expertise to design unique workspaces with premium service and IT, that allow businesses to focus on their work and grow.Workspaces range from 1 to 900 desks, so you can take a desk for a day or entire custom floors for a global HQ. Their clientele has the option to lease workspace while accessing additional amenities such as a cafeteria, parking facilities, virtual conference rooms, and more. Moreover, Iconic Offices extends its services to those seeking short-term rentals, including conference rooms and virtual offices, for periods as brief as a month or a day. They classify their customer base broadly into 2 categories, internal and external. Internal customers are those who have a longer term contract and external customers are those who don’t have a longer term contract with Iconic Offices but use their services on an hourly or day basis. For example, booking a conference room for half-a-day. Their services are classified into following categories,

Following are the primary business goals for Iconic Offices to support growth and scalability of their business and ultimately drive profitability while maintaining a strong focus on member satisfaction and efficient resource management.

Technology Challenges

Iconic offices use Salesforce as their CRM platform and Oracle NetSuite as their ERP platform.

Following are some of the key objects maintained in Salesforce,

Following are some of the key objects maintained in NetSuite,

Iconic Offices had multiple physical locations which were managed under different subsidiaries. A customer can use their services at more than one location which may fall under a different subsidiary. In addition to this classification, customers can be external and internal who will have a different billing schedules associated. Internal customers are billed on a monthly basis whereas external customers were billed on a daily basis for the duration of their booking.

To provide the best service and experience to their customers, improvise the efficiency of their operations and achieve profitability, it was crucial to integrate the CRM and ERP platforms.

How NeosAlpha helped

Our Boomi Architects and integration consultants engaged in thorough discussions with Iconic’s stakeholders to gain insights into their billing process and service categorization challenges. This understanding was critical in addressing the inefficiencies in bill generation and also to identify the manual work involved in various stages. To differentiate between internal and external customers, they conducted detailed data analysis, leading to the identification of distinct parameters for each category. Business requirements were gathered and documented before the solution design and implementation of Boomi processes.

Connect Salesforce and NetSuite with Boomi
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This way, billing schedules based on customer type was efficiently managed. Similarly, business logic was built into the processes such that in NetSuite Sales Orders were generated for internal customers and for external customers Sales Invoices were generated directly.

Iconic Offices have a lean technical support team, so as part of the technical design of the processes we added additional proactive error handling mechanisms that cover a wide array of scenarios, safeguarding against both functional and data-related errors. Notably, this error handling framework also effectively mitigates the challenge of real-time data loss.


Following are some of the tangible benefits of the Boomi integration realized by Iconic Offices through the NeosAlpha’s Workplace Management Integration solution.


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Key Integrations

Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite

Case Study

Brian Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
NeosAlpha Technologies has been an essential partner in managing our end-to-end business-critical applications, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Nexudus, and the integration layer built on the Boomi platform. Specifically, this has allowed us to introduce more automation and expand our product offering. Most importantly, we have found a trusted and highly competent partner who has provided us with the peace of mind to focus on growing our business.

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