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Transforming Traffic Management Through Boomi Integrations

The enhancement of workforce management is realized through the integration of Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft SharePoint.

Business Goals

Transforming Traffic Management through Boomi Integrations was the primary goal of one of the leading traffic management companies in the UK, Contraflow Ltd. They deliver solutions to customers, supported by a continuous commitment to safety, and the overriding factors in day-to-day project management provision of traffic management services.They have carried out a full range of traffic management solutions for various industry sectors -from small lane closures to facilitating construction site access through to major road construction schemes.
In addition to supplying a fully catered and bespoke traffic management solution, they also offer a range of equipment for use under client’s own direction – including concrete safety barriers, fencing, road signs and cones.

To expand their business and to broaden their user base, they entrusted us with the task of seamlessly integrating their data across three different platforms: Netsuite, MyMobile Workers, and Sharepoint. By accomplishing this data synchronization, their users can now effortlessly access real-time information, complete with all the necessary details, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and efficiency of their operations.

In this process, our primary focus revolves around retrieving job details, initially created on Netsuite, and subsequently synchronizing them with Sharepoint and MyMobile Worker platforms. This integration ensures that the job information flows smoothly between these systems, facilitating efficient collaboration and access to critical data across all three platforms.

Technology Challenge

The project presented a diverse array of challenges, with the most formidable task encountered by the team being the establishment of a connection with Microsoft Sharepoint. This endeavor aimed to enable seamless modification and updates within the Sharepoint platform, which demanded meticulous efforts and expertise to overcome.

Concurrently managing various custom fields on different platforms and dynamically integrating them with another system posed a significant challenge due to the inherent diversity in data interfaces and formats across the platforms. Overcoming this hurdle demanded meticulous data mapping and transformation processes to ensure seamless interoperability and smooth data exchange among the interconnected systems.

Successfully tackled various challenges such as efficiently fetching attachments and updating them in real-time. Implemented robust error handling mechanisms to ensure smooth operations even in unexpected scenarios. Devised strategies to handle data loss when any of the systems experienced downtime. Additionally, adeptly managed diverse APIs, each requiring unique authentication methods to ensure secure interactions.

How NeosAlpha Helped

NeosAlpha embarked on the client call with a genuine commitment, diligently gathering information. The task was no simple feat, involving diverse platforms. Undeterred, our versatile team, each a specialist in their respective domain, united their expertise and pressed forward. This collective synergy enabled us to advance confidently, equipped to navigate the complexities presented by the diverse landscape of the project.

Prior to immersing ourselves in the intricate process flow of Boomi, our initial stride was to comprehensively explore each platform. Our dedicated team embarked on a thorough exploration of Microsoft’s documentation, delving into the inner workings of SharePoint sites. This deep dive equipped us with the necessary insights to traverse the landscape seamlessly. As we progressed, the evolution from manual interventions to the realm of API interactions became the hallmark of our journey. This transition marked a pivotal moment, signifying our adeptness in navigating the dynamic terrain of integration.

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In our Boomi endeavor, we crafted a trilogy of distinct interfaces, seamlessly orchestrating data flow between platforms, meticulously tailored to meet the exacting demands of the business landscape. The choreography of data was a symphony of precision, flawlessly harmonizing with CSV, JSON, and XML formats, resulting in a seamless flow that mirrored our meticulous planning. Unfazed by the challenge, our team adeptly navigated these uncharted waters, ensuring the triumphant orchestration of data flow even within the complex PDF terrain.

Boomi emerges as a beacon of versatility, offering an array of authentication methods that elegantly simplify the configuration of APIs. Our team’s ingenuity shines as we masterfully intertwine HTTP responses and error codes, fashioning a safety net that ensures no error can elude capture during any execution. This ingenious approach becomes the bedrock of our seamless error-handling process, diligently crafted to ensnare any unforeseen hiccup in every execution.


The culmination of our meticulous configurations culminated in a triumphant achievement: the seamless integration of data in real-time between SharePoint, MyMobile Worker, and NetSuite. This feat stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and expertise in the realm of integration. This transformative integration not only ushered in real-time data harmony but also wielded its magic in reducing the laborious manual efforts of management.

Within the dynamic realm of real-time integration, a formidable challenge presents itself: the intricate dance of preserving data integrity amidst continuous execution. Our tenacious efforts rose to the occasion, deftly embracing this challenge head-on and crafting an adept solution that safeguards against data loss.In this intricate choreography, our team orchestrated a symphony of resilience, ensuring that the harmonious flow of data remains unbroken.




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