Boomi CRM ERP Integration - Migration from Salesforce to Nexudus

Empowering Coworking & Flex Workspace Operators Salesforce-Nexudus Integration Migration with Boomi

With meticulous planning and expertise, NeosAlpha expertly facilitated the integration migration from Salesforce to Nexudus. Success story on how Iconic Offices achieved Boomi CRM transition.

Iconic Offices Business Goals

Boomi CRM ERP Integration: A case study on how it streamlined the operations and customer experiences for a flexible workspace provider. Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, driven by a passion to create innovative workspace for progressive companies. An Irish founded and owned business, they combine local knowledge and years of industry expertise to design unique workspaces with premium service and IT, that allow businesses to focus on their work and grow.Workspaces range from 1 to 900 desks, so you can take a desk for a day or entire custom floors for a global HQ. Their clientele has the option to lease workspace while accessing additional amenities such as a cafeteria, parking facilities, virtual conference rooms, and more. Moreover, Iconic Offices extends its services to those seeking short-term rentals, including conference rooms and virtual offices, for periods as brief as a month or a day.

They classify their customer base broadly into 2 categories, internal and external. Internal customers are those who have a longer term contract and external customers are those who don’t have a longer term contract with Iconic Offices but use their services on an hourly or day basis. For example, booking a conference room for half-a-day. Their services are classified into following categories,

Iconic Offices use Salesforce as their CRM platform. And NeosAlpha had designed and developed a number of Boomi integrations that connect Salesforce to NetSuite. As Iconic Offices grew they made a strategic decision to migrate from Salesforce to Nexudus platform. Nexudus is specifically designed for coworking and flex space management. Being an industry focused management software, Nexudus provides a simpler, more streamlined approach to customization and cost-effective.

They wanted the CRM migration to be planned and executed such that it causes no disruption to the ongoing business operations.

Technology Challenges

Following the strategic decision to migrate to Nexudus platform, as part of the internal impact assessment following were identified as core challenges.

Iconic Offices recognized the importance of partnering with a reliable and experienced firm capable of taking both a comprehensive and detail-oriented approach. NeosAlpha’s track record of delivering successful Salesforce-NetSuite integrations in the past played a crucial role in their selection as the trusted partner to lead the architecture and execution of the CRM migration and its associated integrations.

How NeosAlpha helped

Having implemented the Salesforce – NetSuite integrations using Boomi for Iconic helped us as we had a good understanding of the clients business processes, criticality of those processes and major integration touch points.

During the high-level project scoping and discovery phase, our solution architects identified the need for a detailed technical business analysis as part of the CRM migration project because Nexudus platform was new to Iconic Offices.

Our technical business analysts worked closely with business stakeholders on the following areas,

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After conducting a thorough analysis, our Boomi development team initiated the construction of transitional data pathways connecting Salesforce, Nexudus, and Oracle NetSuite. They introduced a significant solution strategy to prevent the duplication of customer data across multiple systems throughout the migration process, a contribution that received high praise from the client. Following are some of the unique objects specific to Nexudus processed as part of this project,
We also undertook customization efforts on the Nexudus platform to align it with the specific needs of Iconic Offices. Our goal was to ensure a seamless end-user experience, matching the functionality and feel of using Salesforce.


NeosAlpha’s well-architected and implemented integration migration helped Iconic Offices to achieve the Nexudus – NetSuite integration.

Our Boomi integration services for workspace providers resulted in Enhanced Workspace Management and helped Iconic Offices to leverage Nexudus’ specialized features for coworking and flex space management to optimize workspace operations.


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Key Integrations

Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, Nexudus

Case Study

Brian Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
NeosAlpha Technologies has been an essential partner in managing our end-to-end business-critical applications, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Nexudus, and the integration layer built on the Boomi platform. Specifically, this has allowed us to introduce more automation and expand our product offering. Most importantly, we have found a trusted and highly competent partner who has provided us with the peace of mind to focus on growing our business.

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