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API Gateway Architecture Review & Consulting

NeosAlpha played a critical role with API Gateway architecture review & consulting for Coadjute. NeosAlpha team was responsible to provide blueprints for API Gateway CI/CD automation scripts, OAuth2.0 Implementation framework and security best practices.

Business Goals

Coadjute doesn’t replace existing systems, it connects them, enabling everyone to see the same data and documents from their own CRM or Case Management System, Coadjute connects the existing software that property businesses use, enabling them to synchronize data, share documents, and connect to HM Land Registry instantly and securely in real-time. Industry: Software & Internet

For Coajute, APIs were the backbone of its value offerings to customers and they were the core part of its strategy that can offer several benefits, such as easier integration with other systems, faster delivery of new services, and improved customer experiences. However, managing APIs can be a complex and challenging process, requiring significant time and resources to ensure they are available, reliable, secure, and scalable.

To achieve its goal of 100% automation of its API ecosystem and continuous improvement of its API management processes, Coajute wanted to leverage the capabilities of its API gateway, API Gateway.

Technological Challenges

Coadjute offers real-estate solutions in the form of blockchain network, and all the capabilities are exposed via APIs, via a secure and reliable platform using API Gateway. Their APIs would be used by third-party partners and be made available in the marketplace for consumers. So security was of paramount importance for Coadjute. Coadjute wanted everything automated via CICD DevOps processes as well.

How NeosAlpha Helped

NeosAlpha worked with the Coadjute team to find key areas they needed help & guidance, in & review API Gateway API architecture. NeosAlpha team provided best practices to follow & boilerplate templates for almost all API Gateway components. NeosAlpha provided CI/CD DevOps pipeline strategy & automation scripts for almost all API Gateway components. Worked jointly with coadjute team to deliver MVP in few weeks.


NeosAlpha helped the Coadjute team to be fully equipped with tools and skills to run the API Gateway platform. Delivered a working CI/CI pipeline fully automated, delivered a working Oauth2.0 framework, and secured connections to backends effectively. With help of NeosAlpha’s recommendations, Coadjute was able to launch their first set of APIs to their partners and marketplace with confidence.




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