The Future of B2B EDI powered by Boomi

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Event time: 26th June 2024 | 1:30 PM BST
Webinar (Zoom)


  • Introductions
  • Boomi EDI Overview and Demo
  • NeosAlpha Boomi EDI Success Stories
  • Closing remarks
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    Key Highlights


    Transform partner onboarding by reducing the process from weeks to mere hours with our comprehensive self-service system, designed for ease of use and efficiency.

    Save time and
    simplify processes

    Effortlessly automate EDI with Boomi's pre-built integrations and industry-standard connectors for seamless document mapping, workflow automation, and communication.

    Scale Seamlessly
    with Boomi EDI

    Boomi’s EDI solution scales effortlessly to meet the needs of businesses of any size, from small startups to large enterprises, ensuring smooth and efficient operations as they grow.

    Effortless Connectivity
    to Any ERP

    Streamline data exchange and operations with faster transactions using pre-built integrations and insights from over 200M machine learning integrations.


    Empower users with an intuitive EDI dashboard for comprehensive integration monitoring, detailed reporting, and improved error resolution.

    Reduce high-cost of
    legacy B2B/EDI

    Boomi EDI streamlines partner management with an intuitive interface for quick integration, enhanced supply chain visibility, and efficient trading.

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