Automation Solution Using Boomi for a Travel and Hospitality Company

Automation Solution Using Boomi to help scale up hospitality business

Interactive UI based application and integration process by Boomi greatly enables travel management company to easily process large number of customer requests

Business Goals

Our client is a leading aviation travel and hospitality management company offering services from disrupted passenger hotel accommodations and transportation. They book over 7 million rooms annually. They support travellers accessing safe, welcoming rooms at discounted rates and are the best in the industry with multilingual customer support. They have partnered with over 100+ aviation companies and tens of thousands of hotels worldwide to connect global airline, cabin crews, and leisure customers.

The client wanted to increase their productivity and efficiency and lower operational costs. In addition, they wanted to offer innovative solutions to their customers with options, controls and insights they needed to streamline and optimise travel investment.

Technological Challenges

The client was accepting RFPs (Request for Proposal) from their customers to multiple hotels in the form of ‘Google Forms’. Data were manually entered into their CRM platform, Salesforce. Unfortunately, this process was not only manual and error-prone but also not scalable when the number of requests or hotels increased.

How NeosAlpha Helped

After understanding the current ways of working, NeosAlpha consultants identified the need for an interactive web application UI that can be easily customised. And the web application should be able to push the data in real-time to Salesforce, thereby removing the need for Google Forms and manual data entry.

Hence our solution was based on a responsive UI using Boomi Flow which could bridge the gap between the users and Salesforce by taking their inputs and directly storing them in Salesforce. Boomi Flows and Boomi Integration processes allowed for creating and managing RFPs, customer templates, and a library of questions.


Boomi Flow and Boomi Integrations provided easier access and more control over their data through integration coupled with a low-code workflow automation platform.




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Case Study

Case Studies

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