Drupal powered Apigee Developer Portal offered greater flexibility & more control over the experience. - NeosAlpha

Drupal powered Apigee Developer Portal offered greater flexibility & more control over the experience.

Multinational financial services company enjoyed smoother onboarding of new customers, offered enriched & customised user experiences and increased API adoption and usage.

Business Goals

Our client is a multinational financial services corporation specialising in facilitating worldwide electronic funds transfers. They operate in over 200 countries and territories, connecting consumers, businesses, banks, and governments to enable secure and convenient digital payments. Their payment network is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, processing billions of transactions annually. As a global leader in digital payments, they are committed to driving innovation and transforming how people make purchases, transfer money, and manage their finances.

Their business focussed on modernising their payments platform to reduce operational costs and increase the monetisation of their core payments API. In addition, as a cross-border payments enabler, they were keen to offer the best in class services to their customers worldwide.

Technology Challenges

The core capabilities of the payments platform were exposed as SOAP web services. Even though multiple integration options were available to connect the payments platform with their customer’s infrastructure, some customers had challenges talking to legacy web services using WSDL. In addition, there were human-intervened workflows to onboard new customers and manage the existing ones.

Hence they wanted to expose their capabilities as modern REST APIs which their customers could easily access. In addition, they wanted the overall API adoption experience to be self-serve driven in a seamless, fast-paced fashion.

How NeosAlpha helped

After a detailed stakeholder workshop, our solution architects understood the challenges and business requirements. It was evident that our client required a comprehensive developer portal.

We leveraged Apigee’s SOAP-to-REST feature to expose SOAP services as RESTful APIs. This feature allows you to create RESTful APIs that can be consumed by modern applications and platforms that do not support SOAP. With Apigee, you can easily convert SOAP requests to RESTful requests and vice versa. As a result, legacy SOAP services were made more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

We designed a customised API developer portal using the Apigee modules for Drupal, a powerful open-source, enterprise-level content management system (CMS).





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