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e-Commerce Integrations with ERP

Boomi opens seamless bi-directional data flow between Shopify and Netsuite for elevated customer experience and business efficiency

Business Goals

Our client is a rapidly growing UK-based e-commerce business selling their own manufactured products. Their core strength is their online platform, enabling them to sell their products competitively. Their active presence expanded to many European countries, and they had plans to expand further.

They realised that automation would reshape retail business models and the broader value chain and wanted to move towards an organisation with fewer layers and integrated systems. They wanted to automate their order processing by integrating their e-commerce platform with backend systems to scale their business efficiently without compromising their value.

Technology Challenges

Shopify was their e-commerce platform, and NetSuite was their ERP platform. But, these 2 applications were operating in silos with no integration. Synchronisation of Orders and Customers from Shopify to NetSuite in real-time is vital to automate order processing. Similarly, product stocks and prices must be synchronised from NetSuite to Shopify.

A complete e-commerce integration requires,

Synchronising various objects between NetSuite and Shopify is possible only with seamless integration. Real-time integrations can ensure that orders are processed without errors, in time, even when the volume increases.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our integration consultants, with their extensive experience working with different e-commerce platforms and ERPs, were able to draft the key data objects and their flows. E-Commerce integration is the coordination between a company’s eCommerce platform (in this case, Shopify) and back-end accounting or ERP (in this case, NetSuite) systems. Proper integration between the two systems would enable the flow of information bi-directionally between the two systems in real time.

We designed integration flows between Shopify and NetSuite based on the data object. As a result, data mappings and transformations were documented. Boomi iPaaS platform was the integration platform best suited for this requirement because of the out-of-the-box connectors readily available in the Boomi platform to connect to Shopify and NetSuite.

NeosAlpha created custom Boomi integrations to connect Shopify and Netsuite’s data endpoints with each other, enabling the seamless bi-directional data flow between the two platforms, thereby automating the business process. In addition, error handling was built into the design so that all failures were notified to relevant business stakeholders through emails.

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With NeosAlpha’s fully integrated e-commerce-ERP solution, the client was able to enjoy the following benefits




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Key Integrations

Shopify, NetSuite

Case Study

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