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Enterprise Integration Strategy To Unify Legacy And Cloud Applications

Do It Right The First Time (DRIFT) approach by Neosalpha helped Homegroup in realizing their much awaited vision of automating and digitalising their customer experience

Business Goals

Our client, Home Group is a Housing Association in the United Kingdom which houses over 120,000 people in 55,000 homes across England, Scotland and Wales. They are a housing association, social enterprise and charity with a turnover of over £420m and one of the UK’s largest providers of high-quality housing and integrated housing, health and social care. Their care and support divisions work with almost 30,000+ vulnerable people in 500 supported housing, justice and health services each year.

Home Group aimed to transform their customer services into digital ways to serve their customers better and faster. And the first step of this digital transformation is modernising the front office transformation.


The entire front office transformation must be carried out without disturbing the ongoing customer service. Integration of all the applications and systems that were part of the front office is the key to the success of the digital transformation.

There were 70+ legacy systems, some modern applications and Oracle in use. Before the implementation, the client wanted to assess their processes, systems and applications to produce an effective integration strategy. In addition, they wanted to identify the scale of the integration and potential issues and mitigation plans.

How NeosAlpha Helped

NeosAlpha engaged with various business and technical stakeholders to understand the business strategy, planned transformation, existing systems and associated challenges. Then, considering the context, industry best practices, and our experience working with various clients, we devised an enterprise integration roadmap, operating model, and integration platform for the client.

NeosAlpha proposed the Integration Center of Excellence (CoE) that would ensure that the integration platform is adopted and scaled following the best practices and the first-time-right approach

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An Integration Strategy was successfully delivered in a short span covering the integration roadmap, operating model and required integration platform capabilities which touched every aspect of the client’s operation and enabled large transformation initiatives across the organisation while remaining true to the business business mission.




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Newcastle, UK

Key Integrations


Case Study

We worked with NeosAlpha to deliver an Integration Strategy to help us start our journey on implementing our vision of 90% of our customer services being delivered digitally. The time we spent with NeosAlpha was very beneficial and they helped us shortcut an awful lot of learning we would’ve had to do ourselves. They came with a rich experience of delivering varying sizes and scales of integration and were able to explain how we could avoid some of the pitfalls that exist. We delivered the strategy very quickly which was directly linked to the quality and competency of the NeosAlpha team

Case Studies

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