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Fuse Universal gains agility by reducing the time to onboard new clients

Forethought Architectural Considerations & Designs by NeosAlpha helped develop template-based, reusable integrations.

Fuse's Business Goals

Fuse Universal is a UK-based provider of Learning and Knowledge Platform. They make knowledge accessible for enterprises, delivered in context at the point of need in the workflow. One of the most challenging areas of Human Capital Management (HCM) is conducting a skill gap analysis and choosing the right learning management system (LMS) to conduct assessments and measuring their impact on performance in a targeted and deliberate manner. So, organisations of varied domains and industries rely on the services provided by Fuse to create a learning environment & culture geared for performance.

Every organisation may use a different HR management system, and their structure of user-profiles and data format can be different. Therefore, when an organisation needs to be onboard into Fuse Universal, integrations must be built from scratch, addressing the custom requirements of the organisation. However, this approach is time-consuming and prone to errors requiring significant manual labour to validate and rectify.

Fuse wanted to reduce the time required for onboarding new customers and automate the process towards zero manual intervention.

Technology Challenges

Fuse Platform was integrating data from various HR systems like Oracle, Workday, SAP Successfactors etc. Also, it had to pull recommendations from content intelligence platforms like Filtered etc. Each of these systems presented data in different formats with different levels of data quality. All these data were manually processed using spreadsheets by their internal IT team.

To tackle these challenges and streamline the data flow, they realised the need for an efficient integration platform which is lightweight, cloud-native, and low-code but has all the capabilities to integrate with various HCM systems and connect to Fuse’s internal systems.

Having a lean IT team, they looked for an integration platform and solution which is easy to maintain but scalable.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our integration consultants organised a discovery workshop with the Fuse team to understand their business requirements and pain points of the current system. It was evident that Fuse required an iPaaS platform that could connect to different HCM and learning recommendation platforms.

Boomi AtomSphere platform, a low code, cloud-native integration platform with more than 1500+ out-of-the-box connectors, was the unified technology choice of our Boomi integration architects who assessed the business processes.

Reusability and Adaptability were the 2 significant factors considered in the integration architecture and design. Our integration architects assessed the commonalities of the HCM user profiles across various HCM systems, and a generic, canonical data model was designed. The data flow through the integration process was divided into different processing stages. The architectural & design deliverable was an E2E integration template to build integration processes that connect to any HCM system and Fuse Universal’s system API(s).

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The main positive differences brought by NeosAlpha’s template-based HCM integration solution follow.




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Key Integrations

Oracle HCM, Workday, Successfactor, Fuse Universal APIs

Case Study

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