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Game Changer Salesforce Implementation For Inenco

NeosAlpha’s Salesforce Knowledge Helped Inenco optimise their end-to-end lead-to-cash sales process.

Business Goals

Our client Inenco has over 50 years of consultancy experience working in energy and utilities management, responding to the changing needs of organisations across sectors from manufacturing to hospitality and retail to logistics. They have the expertise and insight to help successfully control costs, improve margins, achieve regulatory compliance and protect operational resilience. They help their customers make the right procurement decisions, better manage the complex process of utility billing, provide data and insight that improves operational and financial performance and provide expert consultancy that optimises consumption.

Their extensive sales team was a key to their rapid growth. They were converting a large number of prospects into active customers with every passing day. But with the increasing number of opportunities, Inenco realised the need to enhance their sales pipeline process for effective and centralised control of their sales department.


All sales teams at Inenco used Salesforce CRM differently to process their prospects, and there was no standard process for generating orders from opportunities. This way of working imposed the lack of – visibility of the status of the opportunities in the sales pipeline to the sales managers, data retention from lost opportunities, and the ability to generate reports.

How NeosAlpha Helped

NeosAlpha did a thorough analysis by organising multiple workshops with different teams at Inenco to gather the information required to introduce an effective standard sales process. As a result, data required to design and develop a process that would,

was documented.

Our solution architects created a robust framework using Salesforce custom objects, APEX classes, process flows and reports.


NeosAlpha’s Salesforce experience and expertise helped Inenco to implement a standard process for their sales teams, resulting in,




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