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How Brady Technologies Automated their Invoicing and Payment Processes

Boomi Integrations between Jira, BambooHR and Oracle NetSuite created an ecosystem of effort tracking and customer billing

Brady's Business Goals

Brady Technologies is a provider of software solutions that span diverse parts of the value chain covering trading and risk management of power, oil, gas, LNG and coal, coupled with managing the movement of power across the grid. Their customers include leaders in oil & gas, utilities, financial energy trading, renewable asset developers across Europe, the Middle East and North America. They help their customers to accelerate their green energy transition strategies.

Being a software service provider to various clients, Brady Technologies had to manage multiple projects, plan resources, time tracks their efforts and generate invoices to its customers in a timely manner. They wanted to automate this time entry process, map it to the relevant project and ensure that accurate billing information is captured and used to generate customer invoices.

Technological Challenges

Brady Technologies, used JIRA for project management and NetSuite for accounting and financial management. BambooHR was used to manage HR processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, employee records, benefits administration, time-off tracking, and performance management. Monthly invoices were raised to their customers based on the Time Bill object in NetSuite, which is used to record time entries against a project or a customer, and then to generate invoices based on those time entries.

They had some resources deployed into more than one project and their effort utilisation and billing rate were dependent on their role and the particular project. Their employees had annual leaves and also provision to apply for sick leaves. Each type of time-off had a different approval policy associated with it. Every project had its own invoicing cycle, so it is essential that NetSuite is up-to-date with project and effort utilisation data for generating accurate bills to respective customers.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our integration consultants, implemented an integration solution enabling real-time synchronization between Jira, BambooHR and NetSuite.

  1. Projects and associated tasks created in NetSuite where synchronised with JIRA
  2. Developers working in various projects were assigned with Jira issues which were related to the project ids of projects created in NetSuite.
  3. Once the developers update their effort spent against each Jira issue, it get internally updated to Jira worklogs which are integrated with NetSuite Time Entry.
  4. BambooHR manages the employee time-off which get synchronized with NetSuite’s Time Bill.

Out-of-the-box Boomi application connector for NetSuite and technology connector, HttpClient connector where used to talk to APIs provided by Jira and BambooHR.

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When the Boomi integrations were deployed in production environment and scheduled, Brady Technologies experienced seamless flow of data between the 3 systems involved with minimal or no need for any manual interventions.




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Key Integrations

Oracle NetSuite, Jira, BambooHR

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