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Minimalist shoe company unleashes the power of multi-layered seamless integration

NeosAlpha’s rich e-commerce integration experience enabled Vivobarefoot to create regenerative customer experiences with less padding across their Supply Chains.

Business Goals

Vivobarefoot is a forerunner among modern-day companies with minimalism at its heart. By creating regenerative footwear and experiences to bring people closer to nature, Vivobarefoot is today a world-renowned footwear brand available across the globe through its e-commerce channels and popular eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

In addition to the wholesale channel of orders, Magento & Divendo were two different e commerce platforms used by Vivobarefoot. NetSuite was used as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The preferred integration method for Vivobarefoot was to use a file server to exchange files with multiple third
party logistics(3PL) providers using SFTP because it enabled maximum flexibility in the event of a change of 3PL, change of Warehouse Management System and change of ERP system.

The main goal of this project is to connect NetSuite to each of the Warehouse Management Systems so that all inbound and outbound transactions are automatically synchronised between the systems. With a lean development team, Vivobarefoot required a low-code integration solution that is easy to maintain but capable of architecting a multi-layered e commerce integration.

The Need for Modern Integration

Vivobarefoot Third-Party Logistics (3PL)  providers had different custom Warehouse  Management Systems (WMS), and they were not integrated into NetSuite. Instead, they were integrated into e-commerce platforms (Divendo  and Magento). This setup led to several issues  and inefficiencies both internally and externally: 

The long-term approach was to have scalable integrations that could be quickly spinned-up by a relatively small IT in-house team of Vivobarefoot. They should be able to add new 3PL partners and make changes to existing ones without causing any downtime to the broader order fulfilment process.

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How NeosAlpha Helped

Integration consultants of NeosAlpha, with more than three decades of varied integration experience, worked closely with Vivobarefoot to understand their current landscape and future roadmap. We could map the Vivobarefoot supply chain model and current pain points where an effective integration is needed. Our consultative approach enabled us to produce a custom integration strategy for Vivobarefoot in a week. We chose the cloud-native, low-code Boomi AtomSphere Platform as the most suitable iPaaS solution for its combination of power and ease of use.

Boomi’s out-of-the-box application and technology connectors made the data flow frictionless between SFTP, NetSuite, and Warehouse Management Systems. We architected the solution such that data synchronisation between all the layers of the e-commerce supply chain istolerant to any system-level failures. We meticulously crafted an error handling framework with an in-built notification capability to minimise business impacts. Our team of Boomi-certified integration developers ensured that the integration processes were thoroughly tested by adhering to an industry-proven Behaviour-Driven Approach.

The phased design & delivery approach opted by us proved to be cost-effective.


NeosAlpha’s implementation of this multi layered e-commerce, ERP and WMS integration met the original integration goals of Vivobarefoot.
Boomi AtomSphere has now become an integral part of the Vivobarefoot digital ecosystem. Operational handover integration documents produced by NeosAlpha helped the Vivobarefoot IT team to be self-sustainable in maintaining and enhancing their integration platform to meet their growing needs.








Key Integrations

Boomi, Netsuite, WMS

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