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NetSuite Salesforce Integration with Boomi

NeosAlpha’s solution helps Client to eliminate manual processes by automating the complete Quote to Cash Process

Business Goals

NBS is a leading, UK-based construction consultancy company. They manage risk, add value and drive cost efficiencies for their clients who are building professionals. As a construction consultancy, they provide construction specifications describing materials, standards and quality required for a project.

Our client had to produce quotes based on the construction specification of their customer precisely and quickly. They relied on on-premise, legacy systems to manage their complete sales life-cycle, which includes managing customer data, generating quotations, order fulfillment, billings, renewals etc.

Their Sales team was managing the complete Quote-to-Cash process manually. However, they wanted to transform their IT landscape from legacy on-premise CRM and Finance systems to Salesforce and NetSuite. As part of this transformation, they also wanted to automate their Quote-to-Cash process. And this required Salesforce and NetSuite to share data between them.

Technological Challenges

NetSuite Salesforce integration implementation was the core part of the transformation. However, integrating the CRM and ERP applications is crucial to achieving 100% automation of the Quote-to-Cash process.

The middleware layer needs to be lean and easily managed by their in-house IT team. In addition, it must have in-built connectors to talk to Salesforce and NetSuite and drive the data transformation between these systems.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our Integration experts employed Boomi as the iPaaS solution for building the integration layer. Boomi offered out-of-the-box connectors for Salesforce and NetSuite applications. Also, Boomi offers a low-code approach to developing integration workflows that can support all types of integration patterns, including event-driven notification, query, batch operation, high-volume updates etc.

Light-weight integration processes were designed and developed using Boomi integration. Boomi integration processes automated all the steps of the Quote-to-Cash process. Data mappings and transformations were well-defined and documented.

NeosAlpha defined an integration framework between Salesforce and NetSuite, which facilitated the following:

  • Integration between standard as well as customised objects defined in SaaS applications
  • Support advanced transformation logic (using cross-reference lookups, scripting etc.)
  • An error handling approach that ensures no transactions are lost in the middleware and passed on to the source record of the transaction for easy identification and resolution

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Automation of the Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) process using Boomi Integrations helped NBS with the following benefits,

  • Enhanced accuracy in quoting and pricing
  • Personalisation of offers to specific customers
  • Increased productivity of the Sales team




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