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One Step into Integration, a Giant Leap towards Data Transformation

NeosAlpha’s Boomi expertise helps a leading business to build a reliable, real-time platform.

Business Goals

Our client is an ethical jewelry brand, creating talismans for modern life. They approach jewelry design differently; working with Fairtrade, Fair Mined to source materials, generating secure livelihoods in areas of conflict around the world, and creating opportunities for a new generation of women to learn valuable skills in our workshops. Each Pippa Small piece has a story to tell, giving a voice to the highly skilled goldsmiths, stone cutters and artisans that bring to life their local material cultures and traditions in every design.

To improve the efficiency of their business they use two e-commerce websites such as Shopify and Netsuite. From both the platforms the actively perform the actions of selling the items and maintaining the logs.

In this project we mainly manage the orders, invoices and product stock information. We collect the orders from Shopify on a daily basis and generate the invoice in Netsuite. Another flow updates the stock information in Shopify from Netsuite.

Technological Challenges

One of the main challenges is integrating Pippa Small Jewelry Company’s disparate systems and applications as it wants to integrate between two different e-commerce platforms that is Netsuite and Shopify.

This is particularly very challenging as the systems are built on different technology stacks or use different data formats. Also ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data across all systems. Means the more optimized and precise process we need to make.This can be difficult when data is being exchanged between systems and there are different rules for data validation and formatting.

Also the time complexity should be maintained at the same time. A bunch of invoices come simultaneously but we need to maintain their complexity and ensure that any type of data breach or redundancy didn’t happen. Same happens in the case of stock updation, many fields we need to look at a time and validate the information then only update accordingly. It is quite difficult because we do not have any dependency of either platform on each other, still we need to configure it.

Integrating systems can create potential security risks if proper security protocols are not followed. It is important to ensure that sensitive data is protected and that there are appropriate access controls in place.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our first order of business was to meet with the client’s sales and customer management teams to fully understand their key concerns, data issues, and impact. After carefully listening to the team and understanding their goals, our NeosAlpha’s Boomi experts presented a clearly defined roadmap and timeline.

Our priority was to retrieve the sample data to get to know which fields are mandatory and which not are. After performing a detailed data analysis, our consultants worked closely with the client to understand the functionality and the basis of creating invoice. For example, our client wants only those customer’s invoices who belong to the UK or we can say whose subsidiary is UK.

We performed several dry runs in Boomi to get the exact customer to deal with new customers as well as old customers. Because new customers’ details should get integrated as it is but for the old customer we first need to check its required parameters and its currency then on that basis we update it accordingly.

We did not need to stop here, sometimes we got the same shopify order again and again to create an invoice and also duplicate customers in Netsuite. Then we modified the process accordingly to validate the duplicacy and either update it or create it.

In the case of stock we analyzed the exact parameters and item details. So that we gave the exact accurate results for stock updates in shopify from analyzing the Netsuite.

Shopify NetSuite Integration
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After several dry runs in the sandbox environment we got the exact result according to the client requirement on the basis of which we scheduled our process on a daily basis in the production environment. So that everyday invoice will get created considering past 24 hrs customer and order records. Similarly the stock gets updated everyday by analyzing different items by itself.

Because of which we do not need to execute the process daily manually. And we will get the exact results daily without any complexity in the minimal time. Also we get the results and logs in Boomi so that we can review by our end also.




<p>Boomi Integration</p>

Boomi Integration


Key Integrations

Shopify, NetSuite

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