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Reengineering Sales Commission Management with Salesforce

NeosAlpha’s Salesforce expertise helped Inenco build a custom commission app for their Sales agents to manage their commissions stress-free

Business Goals

Our client Inenco has over 50 years of consultancy experience working in energy and utilities management, responding to the changing needs of organisations across sectors from manufacturing to hospitality and retail to logistics. They have the expertise and insight to help successfully control costs, improve margins, achieve regulatory compliance and protect operational resilience. They help their customers make the right procurement decisions, better manage the complex process of utility billing, provide data and insight that improves operational and financial performance and provide expert consultancy that optimises consumption.

Inenco has attributed a significant portion of their continuously growing success to their extensive sales team. However, their back office team faced challenges in managing the sales commissions for agents due to the lack of automation in their Salesforce CRM. This resulted in a high error rate and inconsistencies in calculating commissions, as the team had to manually process a lot of paperwork. As a solution, Inenco sought to transform their internal process of managing sales commissions.

How NeosAlpha Helped

After identifying the client’s business objectives, Neosalpha determined that the need could be met by creating a custom app within the client’s Salesforce org. The app would automatically calculate sales commissions and split them among the agents working on a particular opportunity without human intervention. This app could then be introduced into the client’s current order generation process.

To achieve this solution, NeosAlpha’s Salesforce consultants conducted multiple workshops to assess the client’s business rules for calculating sales commissions of agents, as well as the Salesforce objects necessary to support the calculation. The custom commission app was developed using Salesforce Apex classes.

The solution ensured that a commission record is generated automatically for the sales agents involved in the process once an order goes into the stage – ‘Contract Live’.

Commission records provided the following details & capabilities to the sales agents,
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As a result of NeosAlpha’s custom-developed Commission App, Inenco’s sales and back-office teams experienced several key benefits, including:







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Case Study

Ben Barker
Information Technology Director
Our first experience working with leading cloud solutions has been a positive one thanks to the strategic navigation and support of NeosAlpha. Their detailed knowledge of the platforms and attention to our organisation’s requirements helped us design and deliver solutions into every part of the business. NeosAlpha were always flexible, accommodating our evolving needs as our strategy refined and developed over time. NeosAlpha comes with my highest recommendation, a talented organisation with the capability to drive success, whatever your business problem.

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