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Salesforce Order Management Orchestration

CloudSense Orchestrator, an order management solution built on the Salesforce platform, helped Inenco to achieve fully automated order management.

Business Goals

Our client Inenco has over 50 years of consultancy experience working in energy and utilities management, responding to the changing needs of organisations across sectors from manufacturing to hospitality and retail to logistics. They have the expertise and insight to help successfully control costs, improve margins, achieve regulatory compliance and protect operational resilience. They help their customers make the right procurement decisions, better manage the complex process of utility billing, provide data and insight that improves operational and financial performance and provide expert consultancy that optimises consumption.

As an organisation, Inenco had many departments working collaboratively to complete sales. However, this collaboration was predominantly through manual intervention, which was time-consuming and efficient. Hence they wanted to improve their operational efficiency in sales order processing.

Technology Challenges

Our client used lots of paperwork and verbal approvals in their sales order process, which made the whole process cumbersome and thus leading to the following problems.

They were determined to overcome these challenges and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the sales team while also offering effortless accessibility for both internal users and customers to view and analyse data.

How NeosAlpha helped

We proposed a solution to automate the order management process by leveraging the Salesforce capabilities. The solution was to employ CloudSense Orchestrator, an order management solution built on the Salesforce platform. It enables companies to automate their entire order management process, from quote to fulfilment, providing real-time visibility and control. In addition, the solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and other billing and inventory management systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

We developed a friendly UI and associated integrations using Boomi to enable integration between different teams. Our solution included an efficient application which could bridge the gap between the various teams by taking their input. In addition, we developed a couple of Flows and Integration processes to create and manage order, opportunity and back-office requests.

Following are some of the critical functionalities provided:


Following are some of the benefits Inenco realised through our solution implemented using CloudSense Orchestrator and Boomi integrations.


Energy and Utilities


<p>CloudSense Orchestrator and Boomi integrations</p>

CloudSense Orchestrator and Boomi integrations


Key Integrations

Case Study

Case Studies

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