UK-based NGO Organisation untwined their data complexities & improved data readiness - NeosAlpha

UK-based NGO Organisation untwined their data complexities & improved data readiness

NeosAlpha’s rich data integration experience enabled a community-centric, non-profit organisation to break their data silos and create a master data solution to store reliable & trusted data.


One of the UK’s prominent non government organisations with a workforce of 500+ employees carried out activities for the well-being of underprivileged communities.

Being an NGO working for a public cause, some volunteers worked for them on specific projects in addition to their permanent employee base. NGOs had to manage the recruitment of people to fill in roles at different levels. Also, manage their payroll, pensions and training. NGO had a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, and it was integrated with other systems that include Universal Pension Management, recruitment portals, training & development platforms and contact management systems.

So, people data was used by several independent business systems across the NGO.

Key Objectives

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How NeosAlpha Helped

We understood the various applications  and systems that process person  records. And it led to the classification of  systems into the following 3 buckets, 

  1. Systems which contribute data 
  2. Systems which accept data
  3. A system which contributes and  accepts data 

The primary objective was to design a data management solution using Boomi’s MDH platform that will hold the golden records of person data. After having a detailed data discovery with NGO, we commonly agreed on the Attributes, Rules, Processes and Quality standards. Also, a key deliverable of our mapping exercise was identifying which elements of the applications are required to form golden record.

We improvised and enriched the employee data by calling 3rd party API(s). In addition, matching rules were designed in such a manner that no 2 different employees with the same name are marked as duplicates. Match rules detect duplicates, rules for data quarantining, and define data quality steps.

As there were more than 1 system as a contributor of data, we configured MDH such that data stewards can see which system contributed specific fields each day. It enables a “chain of responsibility” for establishing synchronisation between systems.


After we successfully implemented the  Boomi MDH solution and allied  integrations between various systems to  MDH, NGO was able to see the  following positive impacts, 




<p><a href="">Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH)</a></p>


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