US-based gaming software company utilises NeosAlpha’s integration & NetSuite expertise to manage employee & payroll data - NeosAlpha

US-based gaming software company utilises NeosAlpha’s integration & NetSuite expertise to manage employee & payroll data

Customisations made to NetSuite to enable the approval process for Journal Entries based on payroll data fed by an effective integration from Workday.

Business Goals

Our client is a leading gaming company. They have developed and published numerous video game titles for multiple platforms. Their mission is to create the most entertaining video games in the world. They are committed to delivering high-quality games with engaging narratives, immersive gameplay, and stunning graphics.

They wanted a more efficient and effective way to manage employee data and processes while improving compliance and analytics capabilities so that they could better manage their workforce and achieve their business goals.

Technological Challenges

Human Capital Management (HCM) platform used was Workday, and their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform was Oracle NetSuite. They had an employee strength of approx. 2300 and were growing at a constant pace.

Multiple subsidiaries and various departments per subsidiary made up the organisation structure. Employees could apply for positions across multiple subsidiaries. In such scenarios, their employee and payroll details must be moved over. NetSuite was responsible for creating and maintaining journal entries for all employees. Journal entry is a transactional record of financial transactions affecting a company’s accounting records.

So, they were looking for a way to manage the employee movements in Workday to be synchronised seamlessly with NetSuite and also move the bi-monthly payroll details to NetSuite.

How NeosAlpha Helped

Our expertise and experience working with Oracle NetSuite and numerous integrations connecting to NetSuite helped us quickly understand the business requirements. Our solution consultants identified that two integration processes were required between Workday and NetSuite. Custom modifications were needed in Oracle NetSuite to meet the client-specific requirement of having an approval process for payroll data before creating journal entries.

Process 1 would enable two-way synchronisation of employee data between Workday and NetSuite, while Process 2 would move the bi-monthly payroll data to NetSuite for journal entry generation. Integration processes were designed and implemented using Boomi iPaaS. Our NetSuite consultants proposed a custom solution to process the payroll file received from Workday by Boomi integration and placed in the NetSuite File Cabinet.

A custom page was created in NetSuite with role-based access control implemented so only privileged users could view all the payroll records in the incoming file in tabular format. For each record, an option was provided to approve/reject. In case of rejection, additional comments were captured. If approved, a journal entry object was created in NetSuite.

In addition, we also made changes to the employee record in NetSuite so that one employee could be mapped to two managers at a time. A new employee record is created in NetSuite whenever an employee moves between subsidiaries, and the older record is terminated.


Following are the key benefits realised by our client through the integration and customisation of their NetSuite platform.




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Key Integrations

Workday, Oracle NetSuite

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