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APIs, AI, and Application Integration: The Google Way



In this article we will explore how the newly introduced Google cloud product for Integration, Application Integration(iPaaS), is poised with capabilities to challenge the existing major players in the iPaaS space. We will see how the Google Application Integration packed with Apigee and DuetAI is different from the rest of the platforms by a country mile.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

APIs are simply the bridge between apps. They let different applications “talk” to each other, share data, and perform tasks collaboratively. Think of API as a waiter taking orders (data requests) from one app to another and bringing back the results.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Not the terminator kind! AI is simply another intelligent software trained on a massive, massive, massive set of data. It learns from patterns and can make predictions, automate tasks, and even understand your intent. Think of it as a super-powered assistant helping you build integrations faster and smarter. But they are a point-in-time intelligence, not an ever evolving one(yet).

Application Integration

While AI may be the latest star, there is another AI – Application Integration quietly undergoing its own evolution and revolution. Shedding its legacy names such as ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) , Enterprise Middleware, and Message Brokers, it’s emerging strongly as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).
The unsung hero of enterprise IT, which hardly gets the glory of that of data platforms or the shiny front end systems. Application Integration is the glue which keeps 100s of different IT systems, cutting across various protocols, working seamlessly without any friction and orchestrating complex workflows and moving data from one system to another. It’s like the plumbing layer of the enterprise IT systems.

Google Application Integration

Every business with a growing number of IT systems, demands seamless connectivity to be more agile and respond quickly to market trends. Gone are the days of convoluted integration approaches with more academic principles and architecture, which were never truly applicable for real world systems.
Enter Google! Yes, Google has launched its own iPaaS, bringing the power of Application Integration, AI co-pilot(Duet AI) and APIM (Apigee) all under one roof of GCP. With Google’s already strong cloud offerings, addition of Application Integration (iPaas) is truly poised to disrupt this space. Simply because, Google Cloud Application Integration isn’t just about connecting apps, It’s about connecting your business to its full potential. Here is how

How Application Integration complements AI

AI models are trained, of course, with lots of data! but they are often trapped with point-in-time knowledge. Which means, AI models on its own cannot get real time data or respond to real time knowledge based questions. This is where Application integration becomes the missing link, injecting real-world data and intelligence in real-time. Here’s how:

Unlocking Hidden Business Benefits

Let’s propel your business to a well integrated future!

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