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Approach : Integration of Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics


Running an efficient business requires eCommerce application Shopify to be integrated with Dynamics 365 ERP. A fully integrated eCommerce and ERP system would deliver:

  • Real-time synchronisation of customers, accounts, orders, fulfilment, and billing
  • Real time view of inventory and automated update across the delivery chain
  • Real time view of order fulfilment synchronised across eCommerce, CRM and ERP
  • Improved customer communication with integrated sales and marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Improved reporting and sales forecasting by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM or any BI tool

Leverage AIS for Shopify integration with Dynamics 365

Azure Integration Services (AIS) make it easy to fully integrate the Shopify eCommerce app with Microsoft Dynamics syncing orders, customers, products, refunds, custom objects to and from your business databases, marketing platforms, ERP, finance and more – making data available when you need it.

Azure Integration Services enable businesses to sync information bi-directionally in real time and make coordination between eCommerce App Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics.

Why Azure Integration Services

Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft. It helps businesses with different types of services like compute services, Data Services, Mobile Services, Storage Services, Messaging, etc.

We are suggesting businesses to use AIS, because of the following major features:

  • Handle critical workloads: Business depends on many types of critical applications and Azure is built to handle mission-critical workloads with ease.
  • Innovation: Azure is focused on business innovation with fully managed major Integration components like API management, Logic Apps (create, schedule, automate and orchestrate task), Event Grid ( fully managed event-routing service with a publish-subscribe model) and Service Bus (Implement highly secure messaging workflows).
  • Security and compliance: Data on Azure is protected by the latest security mechanisms. It also meets the required industry and regional compliance requirements with having the most compliance certifications by any cloud provider.
  • Agility: Azure is fast in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability.

Integration Approach:

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides tools for both online and physical sales and Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software application. To make it easy to integrate both applications and sync all data, we help to customise your Microsoft Dynamics and Shopify integration with triggers (when this happens…) and actions (what to do…). This delivers seamless business processes, streamlined customer experience and a real time view of the business.

NeosAlpha as Azure partner has required knowhow and expertise including typical business objects that are involved in eCommerce integration, interfaces offered by Shopify and Dynamics 365, and flexible integration framework to deliver seamless integration in a short period of time.

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