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Boomi Flow Use Cases


One of the top most priority of organisations today is to deliver business efficiencies by creating customer journeys and automating simple and sophisticated workflows.

Operational Excellence delivered by low-code rapid-application development capabilities

Boomi Flow’s pre-built functionality and drag-and-drop tools help developers slash months from the development time otherwise needed to custom-code workflow applications. That means you can accelerate the automation of processes such as customer and employee on-boarding, order-to-cash, field service, customer support and more.

In short, Boomi Flow gives you a low-code application development platform that provides:

  • A UI framework – To offer a fully interactive User Interface that is responsive and can work across multiple channels
  • Orchestration process – To host any Straight Through Processing (STP) or business logic touching/updating various systems
  • Full API/integration access – To connect to any application or data, on-premise or SaaS with OOTB Boomi Flow and Boomi integration

With above capabilities, Boomi Flow can help address many different types of application development use cases. Some of these can be:

  • Digital multichannel customer journey – Incremental integration of your channels and systems to deliver a truly digital customer experience. e.g. customer on-boarding
  • Workflow automation – Opportunity to streamline and automate human workflow and introduce digitised intelligent steps, business rules (auto approval, routing) replacing manual intervention wherever possible. e.g. expense approval, leave approval
  • Mobile application development – Responsive app development to cater to all channels and devices e.g. Insurance Claim app to work online or offline
  • Effective customer journey and contextual user experience on top of SaaS applications – Boomi Flow application development platform nicely sits above your integration layer to build complete context and to deliver engaging user experience e.g. Customer Feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey application
  • Improve organisation collaboration – Building applications that improves collaboration across functional silos and their systems, chain together functionality and data from different applications and services.
  • Low-code applications development – As part of tools for your digital or innovation lab, Boomi Flow can a handy tool to quickly develop digital prototypes, iterate with test and improve cycle.
  • Partner information exchange –  Building applications that allows digital interactions between enterprises. e.g. RFP processes to existing suppliers.

If you are considering a business optimisation use case and would like to consult about its fitment with Boomi Flow, you can contact us at [email protected] or in the chat window below.