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Shopify integration with Microsoft Dynamics


Shopify is one of the most popular go-to eCommerce software solution, that allows you to set up an online store to sell your products. 

Companies face difficulties of manual data rekeying, related human errors and disjoined operational view, when online Shopify store are not integrated with the ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics.

An integration platform will ensure that Shopify orders are populated in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, and inventory levels are adjusted accordingly to reflect the sale. Shipping and tracking information can also be integrated between the two systems to eliminate the need for manual data entry and increase the efficiency of your order fulfilment process. 

Having the bidirectional synchronization between both Shopify and Dynamic in place will help you to avoid major issues such as:

Solution approach of data exchange between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics

An integration platform will automate, organise, and optimise the flow of data from Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics. Integration platform led approach would avoid slow and brittle custom-coded integration. Platform approach would save time & money, flexible to change and deliver the integration much faster.

The following are a few basic endpoints, most commonly used to integrate Shopify and Microsoft Dynamic:

Customer: Synchronize information about the customer from Shopify to Microsoft Dynamic.

Contacts: Synchronize Contact information and billing & shipping address, etc. synchronized from Shopify to Microsoft Dynamics.

Product:  Synchronize Product and items information from Microsoft Dynamics to Shopify.

Sales Orders: Synchronize sales orders information placed on Shopify by the customer, to Microsoft Dynamics.

Payments: Synchronize payment Information from Shopify to Microsoft Dynamics.

Fulfillment: Synchronize Fulfillment information (i.e. tracking No, shipping company…) from Dynamics to Shopify.

There are various integration platforms (i.e. Azure Integration Services, Boomi etc.) available to integrate Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics. Azure Integration Services (AIS) platform including resources like Logic Apps, Logic Apps custom connector, API Management make it easy to integrate both applications and sync all types of data to delivery a comprehensive integration solution. This delivers seamless business processes, streamlined customer experience and a real time view of the business.

Major benefits of Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics integration